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Boundary Bay Regional Park (Tsawwassen)
2018-6-3 22:00
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A Family watches the tide come into Centennial Beach at Boundary Bay Regional Park in Tsawwasen, British Columbia, Canada.  I watched them keep backing up to avoid it, only realize eventually that I was now standing in a few inches of water myself.                                


除此之外,数英里长的沙滩还提供冰淇淋摊位、儿童游乐场,提供排球网、棒球场等,绝对是一个受欢迎的家庭野餐地点。Children playing in Water of Pacific Ocean, Boundary Bay Regional Park, Delta, BC

地址:12th Ave and Boundary Bay Rd Delta, BC


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by Jenavieve
Whenever Dad says we're going to a "Mystery Location," I alwaysexpect the worst - a bog perhaps or a park with no playground equipment. This time, (thank goodness), we were in for a surprise.  We actuallywent somewhere fun--Centennial Beach.  What an awesome place! CentennialBeach reminds me of Spanish Banks, only it takes five times longer to getthere.  It's part of Boundary Bay, which is part of Delta.  Ifyou've never been, you don't know what you're missing.  Sand, sand,and more sand - as far as you're eyes can see.  Luckily Mom rememberedthe beach toys. Coleman couldn't wait to get started on his 'sand creation.' I went hunting for shells and sand dollars, and Nathan launched his dragonkite.  It wasn't long before we got too hot and made our way to thewater's edge.  It seemed like we were walking forever.  Nathangot wet first, and started splashing me.  I was about to tell on himwhen I realized the water was incredibly warm.  I'm talking bathtubtemperatures.  Time for a full-blast splashing fight.  Colemaneven got in on the action.  We must've been in the water for two hoursbefore Mom finally enticed us out with a Popsicle at the concession stand. As we were leaving I noticed some tennis courts, volleyball nets, and dykesyou could walk your dog along or ride a bike on.  Dad mentioned alot of people go bird watching along the dykes (which explains the binocularsI saw two people carrying).  Mom's highlight was the washroom witha flushable toilet.  Can you believe it!  Anyway Centennial Beachis definitely worth the drive if you live far away, and if you don't livefar away - what are you waiting for?!

Age group:People of all ages love Centennial Beach

Expense rating:For the most part Centennial Beach is free, unless you buy a popsicleat the concession stand.:What I think is really cool about Centennial Beach is you never get bored.You could spend a whole week there and never run out of things to do. If you get tired of the water, try beachcombing, or flying a kite, ridinga bike, playing tennis, volleyball, or if you get really desperate there'sbird watching.:Like I said before, Centennial Beach is a drive for us. It's not so badgoing there because you're looking forward to all the fun you're aboutto have - but coming home.

Details:Centennial Beach is located at 12th Avenue and Boundary Bay Road in Tsawwassen,Delta.  You can get there by taking Highway 99 south from Vancouver,and turning off south at the Tsawwassen/B.C. Ferry exit (Highway 17). Turn left on 56th Avenue and then left again on 12th Avenue.  Thisshould lead you right to the park.  If you want to find out more call(604) 432-6350 or visit metrovancouver.org

Area:Centennial Beach is located in the Tsawwassen area of Delta

Season:If you want to go in the water, you definitely have to go to CentennialBeach in the summer.  That's when the miles of hot sand turns theocean water into a heated pool.  Otherwise I suppose you could goanytime of year.  Apparently you can see snowy owls in the winter.

Educational highlights:Dad said he used to go swimming at Centennial Beach before it was calledCentennial Beach.  In those days it was called Boundary Bay. Apparently it's really close to the American border.  Dad said backthen you could swim across the border.  Somehow I don't think you'dget away with that now.
Fun for the adult?:If I had to pick the five most likely places we'll go this summer, oneof them would definitely be Centennial Beach.  The only problem isevery time we go we'll have to listen to Dad telling us about the goodold days of summer at Boundary Bay.      
      When the tide goes out there's miles of sand
         Here's our kite, it's a frog, with just enough wind
         When the tide comes in the water is unbelievably warm
         Tired of the beach? Try a walk along the boardwalk
         Mom says life's a beach

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