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CID transfer problem (PSTN>SPA3102>3CX)

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My PSTN supplier is actually OptimumVoice. When I connect a phone to it I get to see caller's name and phone number. So, OV seems to be OK.

My SPA3102 is setup with "PSTN to VOIP" enabled and configured with defaults (which seems to indicate that CID transfer from PSTN to VOIP is turned on). When I receive a PSTN call my VOIP phone connected through 3CX shows "SPA-3102" and "10001" as caller's name and number, which I believe are the info that I entered in SPA3102 in the "VOIP Line Registration" settings.

Other than the CID issue, everything else works fine. Can call in and out with top quality sound.

I am trying to properly configure so that I get to see the PSTN caller's real name and phone number. Any help will be appreciated.

After firmware upgrade to 5.1.7 and lots of playing around with settings, I am still at the same point. CID from PSTN is caught by SPA3102 (since it can actually show it at the end of the communication on the infor page), it never gets transfered to 3CX.  

Finally I solved the CID problem. I setup SPA-3102 with a 5 second delay in picking up the PSTN line when a call comes in. It did the trick. Inserting a delay in 3CX didn't help.  


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SPA3102 PSTN CID For VoIP CID     
Software Version: 5.1.7
I can't  PSTN CID -> VoIP CID

PSTN LineTab:

PSTN-To-VoIP Gateway Enable: yes
PSTN Dial Plan: (<S0<: @xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5061> )

In SysLog:
Calling: @xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5061

How Can I add VoIP CID?   ---cms

You need to lengthen the PSTN Answer Delay setting to allow the SPA3102 time to decode the incoming caller id. On my SPA3000, with my PSTN you need to set it to 3 seconds before it picks it up.

You also, of course, need to have the setting PSTN CID For VoIP CID: yes which you indicated that you have.                                                                                                                                                               


Thx a lots ...I solve the problem. Similar with you suggestion
Set the PSTN Answer Delay: 1s
Also same (remain unchange)
In SysLog:
Calling: @xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5061

In PSTN User Tab:
Cfwd Sel1 Caller: PSTN CID
Cfwd Sel1 Dest:  VoIPCID @ xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5061

PSTN CID,VOoIP CID can be different...that can Selective Call Forwarding  
When using two SPA3102
--- by cms


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It's a wonderful thing seeing other people from other website get help from this post and had his problems solved!
Regard to the question "Spa3102 and 3cx caller id's", here is the link which get connected.


and it do the tricks.

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